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Social entrepreneurship, under such name, arrived in Medellin between 2006 and 2007 on the initiative of the Mayor's Office and with support from the city's social sector. Experts in the area of ​​social cooperation in Italy were contacted for technical support; grouped under the name of Consorzio Gino Matarelli (Milan), thousands of social cooperatives, along with another pair of Italian entities, accompanied the methodological process that was led in Antioquia by Federación Antioqueña de ONGs. Its objective was to formalize four pilot social enterprises (Telecentro Empresarial Doce de Octubre, Telecentro Empresarial Fátima-Nutibara, Ser Legal - La Integridad Sí Paga and Medellín en Escena).

The social entrepreneurship program was part of a larger program called Cultura E, which was the result of the city's efforts to encourage the formation of new companies. One of the intentions of this type of programs was to correct the inefficiency of the public entity to solve all the economic problems of the city, as well as the social and environmental ones. At the end of the mayoralty of Sergio Fajardo Valderrama (2004-2007), uncertainty emerged about the fate of this type of program, as well as the political will of public and private entities to support the social enterprises that were formalized. Entrepreneurship, which became part of the political identity of the city, followed its own path, through various institutions dedicated to related areas.

Corporación Promotora de Empresarismo Social was born in 2007, from a group of people who used to be part of the social entrepreneurship programs of the city, and wanted to give continuity to the ideals of a model that highlighted the social aspect of forming new companies. Until 2012 the company offered consultancies and training, and served as an incubator for social enterprises, but the lack of further government support for the type of programs, as well as circumstantial reasons, caused the corporation to cease activities.

La Promotora would continue, however, existing legally, since it was always the members' dream to keep it alive. During 2018, the good name builtby La Promotora , helped reactivating part of its structure, with the social intention still being the guide for those who formed the company, until it recently began economic and social activities, and seeks to redefine itself with the return of its administrative elements, within the framework of self-sustainability.

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