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[English] Achievements

  • Diagnostics and social strengthening plans, characterizations (social pre-feasibility), business plans, financing plans and investment plans for different social business initiatives were carried out. We also helped in the structuring of the Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship and the execution of the modules "Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship" and "Local Development" at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB).

  • Hundreds of young people were supported, who received hundreds of hours of training in social entrepreneurship and other skills.

  • Teachers were trained in social entrepreneurship and in the "trainer of trainers" approach.

  • Se capacitó docentes en empresarismo social y en el enfoque "formador de formadores".

  • Associativity and social cohesion workshops were given to the general public and to women in particular (gender-focused productive initiatives).

  • A total of 500 ex-cons were trained and assisted in direct employment and entrepreneurship, with psychosocial support, community awareness and the support of a network of public, private and social actors.

  • Thousands of people with disabilities -and their families- were benefited directly and indirectly, mainly in professional rehabilitation: direct attention to users, training for work, work locations and social entrepreneurship, in joint programs with the Municipality of Medellín -Secretariats of Social Welfare and Social Development, and also with Cooperativa Sentir, Cooperativa Ecosesa, Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia, Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (Sena), Cooperativa Social Ipercorsi and Consorzio Solidarieta In Rete of Milan, Italy.

  • We worked with people of different economic backgrounds and ethnic origins.

  • The social and technical viability of many types of projects was evaluated, business ideas were structured and different territories were characterized.

  • Companies with social focus were incubated.

  • Hundreds to thousands of people benefited directly, and indirectly.

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